Why Sponsor Us?

As a not-for-profit, Community Amateur Sports Club (CASC), we are reliant on our generous sponsors to help us make ends meet. Money raised from sponsorship enables us to invest in our coaching and equipment for players, as well as our facilities that are enjoyed by all of our members.

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As a large Cricket Club affiliated with the Sussex League, we have a captive audience of around 400 members, when including our associate and social members in addition to our players.

Through hosting two competitive Saturday games every week throughout the Summer season, as well as various festivals and friendlies, short term training programmes for children (in addition to our regular Juniors’ training) and by having a multitude of other clubs visit us from across Sussex, it is reasonable to assume that as a Sponsor your business will be exposed to well in excess of 500 people.

We know that any person/business will want to know exactly what their sponsorship will mean to our club and what you can expect for your money, so to help you with this, we have produced the attached brochure.

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If you have any questions, please contact our Sponsorship and Fundraising Secretary, Deborah Kaye, either by email or call 07312 093151.

Our Sponsors

Sponsors' Special Offers

From time-to-time, some of our sponsors may offer our members special discounts. We will communicate these here.

GORING HALL HOSPITAL offer all our members a 10% discount off Hospital fees, if you are planning to self-pay.

The discount applies to MRI, X-Ray, Ultrasound and CT-Scans and the Hospital fee for surgical procedures.

Consultant and Anaesthetist fees are not included in this offer, as they are independent practitioners and the Hospital do not have the authority to discount their fees. Outpatient services where third party analysis is required, such as blood tests, histology and biopsies, are also excluded.

Please contact Debs Kaye (dkworthingcc@gmail.com) or Hannah Dunn (hannahdworthingcc@gmail.com) for the discount code you will need to state when talking to the Self-Pay team, who can be contacted on 01903 707 264 or via e-mail Self-Pay.Goring-Hall@circlehealthgroup.co.uk

Interested in sponsorship?

If you have any questions, please contact our Sponsorship and Fundraising Secretary, Deborah Kaye.
Email: dkworthingcc@gmail.com
Phone: 07312 093151.
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