Next in our Manor Ground memories, we speak to former captain and (former) fearsome quick bowler, John Glover. A Portslade and St James’ player, John came to the club in 2012 and played for 5 seasons, captaining the 1st XI in 2015 and 2016. A hugely popular addition to the club on and off the field, “Gloves” still makes an effort to stay in touch with his friends at Worthing CC whether during the season or at the annual Christmas Eve drinks.

What’s your earliest memory of the Manor Ground?

My first memory of the Manor was being bowled out for 32 (I think) playing for St James’. I was at home by 2:30!

What do you remember of your Worthing debut?

My debut in the Premier League was Horsham at home I believe. I think I opened the batting as captain – Gouldy hadn’t showed up on time and missed the start of the match!  Scratched my way to a 20 I think.

What was your favourite game for Worthing and why?

My favourite game is a hard question. Personally the way the club made the Lashings such a great event was a day I’ll never forget and was an honour to captain the side. There were a few league games the year we went up but the year before, Findon away the year Dodge captained, Corey hitting the one handed six and Jamie Piper hitting a four to win by a wicket comes to mind.

Who was/were your favourite team-mate/s and why?

My obvious choice and fan favourite is Benn Challen. He played the game the right way, didn’t take it too seriously but loved to compete and very handy vice.

I loved batting with Ian Gooding, me and him many a time found ourselves trying to save/rebuild an innings with Pagham away coming to mind.

What was your favourite Away Ground and Why?

Favourite away ground is a rogue choice for some I would think, but I loved playing at Ifield. I’ve usually done ok there personally, a decent tea and a decent club on and off the pitch I found.
I liked Findon too for similar reasons.

Best overseas player you played with and against?

Best overseas played with is tough. I liked Matt Norris when he came over and also Sam Delaney. If I had to choose I’d go Sam – I had the pleasure of watching him for a few seasons at Portslade while playing for my brother’s side and he tore oppositions apart; he scored a decent 70-odd in our promotion year near the end of the season away to Three Bridges on a tough deck!

The best overseas I’ve played against, there’s a few! Carl Simon for obvious reasons! Jordan Silk for Cuckfield made batting look effortless. Horsham have had a few decent ones too.

Best “English” amateur(s) you played with and against?

I’ve played with a few decent players over the years, again Benn Challen for reasons above; Lutters on his day was unplayable, especially at home; I loved watching Nick Ballamy bat, scoring 360 degrees and taking it to the opposition; more recently Swifty with his bowling skills and handy with the bat too.

Best and funniest memories on the field?

My best moment was probably away to Nomads, chasing 240. We were 200-1. Gooding is showered and changed ready to go home batting at 7pm. Typical Worthing collapse means he has to go in to bat with 4 runs to win and one ball left, whites on over the top of his jeans, strolls out with no helmet on, dances down the pitch and smashes a one bounce four. He then proceeds to airplane round the square in celebration. He didn’t shower again after the game.

Funniest is hard as there were so many funny times playing for Worthing! Swarm of bees at Findon away and everyone had to hit the deck and let them fly over us, Gooding away to Pagham getting 4 stumpings off Swifty’s bowling.

Best memory off the field?

Best memory off the field has just got to be the people. All the socials at the Manor were top notch. Punter taking fancy dress more serious than his cricket. The ladies for religiously doing food for us after the games was amazing as was their support and wine drinking. Laurie for his loyal support.

Can you could sum up your spell at the Manor Ground in a few paragraphs

I came to Worthing and was instantly welcomed and felt right at home, a club that I feel proud to have played for and even more proud to have captained. People’s hard work behind the scenes often goes unnoticed as they do jobs without any thanks and commit so much time to making it a great club. If my body wasn’t made of biscuits I know it’s the place I’d still be playing my cricket.

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  • Luke Vinter

    Another great read and some brilliant memories from Gloves: the Nomads game, Captain Gould’s timekeeping. The choice of Ifield is definitely questionable though. I’m pretty sure we lost there most times! If you look very carefully at the picture of Glove’s bowling you can actually see his shin crumbling away. Very sad.

  • Tim Dunn

    An excellent 1st XI skipper for the club, embraced the whole thing both on and off the field. A super cricketer as well who I’m sure would have progressed further in the game had it not been for injury. Thanks for the memories Gloves.

  • Lutters

    This brings back so many good memories! Gloves was a credit to himself and club; it’s pity he’s made of biscuits!

  • Anonymous

    I did take my cricket seriously sometimes lol

  • JK

    Top effort Gloves. I agree with Dodge about the Ifield shout although they did have a few good lads to have a beer with afterwards.

  • JK

    And who is the anonymous commenter?